Envirotainer RAP e2 container

Envirotainer presents the latest addition to our portfolio of active temperature-controlled air cargo containers.

Designed for the most extreme requirements of the healthcare industry, the RAP e2 container maintains product temperatures between ±0 and +25°C in nearly any ambient condition appearing along shipping routes globally.

The container handles any chosen set temperature, including the most commonly required in the cold chain industry:

  • refrigerated, +2 to +8°C range,
  • controlled room temperature, +15 to +25°C.

The RAP e2 is a certified air cargo ULD (Unit Load Device), ensuring seamless handling throughout the supply chain worldwide. The unit can be carried on board the most common wide-body aircraft types.

Drawing on the benefits of the established and proven Envirotainer electrical heating and cooling technology, the RAP e2 features a container shell with a completely new design and superior insulation performance, allowing for the most temperature-stable shipments regardless of the ambient conditions.

Key features for consistent temperature control:

● Insulated container shell built in an all-composite material for superior insulation properties
● Fully redundant electric heating and compressor cooling system
● Rechargeable batteries* that can be charged at standard AC power connection points
● Enhanced air circulation system inside the container ensures a low temperature gradient within the entire cargo space
● Air circulated by the heating and cooling unit is close to the set temperature
● Easy-to-use control unit allowing simple operation of the container
● Forkliftable from all sides even when fully loaded, eliminating the need for rollerbeds

*The batteries in our containers are Nickel Metal Hydride type (Ni-MH). NI-MH batteries are qualified and certified for air transportation.

Performance data:

● Autonomy running on batteries >100 h in a typical shipment scenario (dependent on ambient temperature exposure and set point)
● Autonomy running on batteries in extreme conditions up to 35 h
● Operational at temperatures from -30 to +50°C
● Set temperature range ±0 to +25°C
● Temperature tolerance ±3°C (at set temperature +5°C) when container is in use
● Batteries charged (from 0 to 100%) in 12 h, regardless if container is in use or not

Envirotainer is an open-platform service provider – our products are made available worldwide through a range of partners in the airline and forwarding industry. Contact Envirotainer to test the RAP e2 container.

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