Shipping pharmaceuticals is an art in itself

February 23, 2017


Many pharmaceutical products are complex. The more sensitive the product is, the more important it is to minimize the risks of temperature deviations during transports from the production facility to the patient.

When producing blood plasma, insulin, vaccine or other biological pharmaceuticals, choosing transportation carefully is key. It’s essential to ensure that when those products reach the patient, they are just as effective and safe as when they left the production line.

At Envirotainer, we continuously investment towards the future by expanding and optimizing our global cold chain network. For example, the demand for temperature-controlled solutions in Korea is growing. To better assist the market needs, we are opening up a new facility in Incheon on February 20th. At the same time, the demand in Thailand for our t-technology solution, RAP t2 and RKN t2, is decreasing and we are therefore restricting the ability to return the RAP t2 and RKN t2, as of April 1st 2017.

A cold chain network that works

Optimizing a global network based on the changing dynamics of the Pharma industry is something we do every day together with our partners. We reach over 200 airports within an average time of 30 hours*. We also cover major trade routes for pharmaceutical products and offer a wide range of high quality network services for starting or ending leases throughout the world.

Because we know that having the right provider for the right product at the right time is half the battle. It is important to find a business partner you can rely on who not only understands your daily challenges, but also has a global network of airlines and forwarders, who can ship your sensitive product from A to B without any delays.

For more information about the cold chain network, please contact your local sales representative.

*Average time during normal conditions.

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