Meet Cihan Likogullari: Strategic Account Manager EMEA at Envirotainer

December 12, 2017

Envirotainer Cihan Likogullari

Cihan Likogullari, Strategic Account Manager EMEA, is a new addition to the sales organization at Envirotainer in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Working for more than 14 years in the logistics industry, Likogullari has been fascinated with the level of complexity and risk when shipping temperature sensitive products. He chose to work at Envirotainer, not only for its solutions to help protect life-changing pharmaceuticals, but because he wanted to be part of a passionate and growing team.  

“As I’ve been part of the industry for many years, I can have learned the strict requirements pressures and the importance of precise planning with my customers,” said Likogullari. “It’s exciting to be part of a company that takes these matters seriously and have a dedicated customer care team and support services in place, who are knowledgeable in these areas and can assist when booking a container or if something happens during the shipment that requires attention.”

In addition, the cold chain industry is about building strong partner relationships and trust. “I’ve met many smart and interesting people over the course of the years where we were able to have meaningful discussions regarding the different challenges and areas of improvement within the cold chain overall,” continued Likogullari. 

Since the pharmaceutical cold chain involves the transportation of temperature sensitive products, it requires qualified people and a robust logistics model to protect the integrity of these commodities.  This, together with solid processes and high-tech devices such as track and trace, can help minimize the potential risks of errors and product loss. 

“With biosimilars already in the market, and precision medicine and advanced technologies in our horizon, supply chains alike will have no choice but to respond to the changing needs,” said Likogullari. “Thus, I see that in the future innovative technologies for controlling, tracing and packaging will increase, as well to have higher product security through data transparency.”

In photo: Cihan Likogullari

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