Envirotainer Adds Its 8th RAP e2 Station in the US as Atlanta comes online

May 3, 2018

Envirotainer forklists its RAPe 2 container

Envirotainer today announced that they have increased their RAP e2 network in the US, adding Atlanta (ATL) as the 8th station in the US carrying the flagship solution. 

“The US market, including San Juan, is growing for us. Adding Atlanta to the growing list of RAP e2 stations in the US allows us to better meet the needs of our American-based customers” said Brian Cooper, Head of Sales Americas. 

“We have added four (4) RAP e2 stations in the region in one year, in essence doubling our capacity. The new station in Atlanta also serves as our regional competence center for RAP e2’s which is great for our US-based customers and partners,” explains Ernest Murphy, Head of Operations Americas within Envirotainer.

Atlanta is the 8th RAP e2 station in the US. The other RAP e2 stations serving US customers are located in New York, Chicago, Indianapolis, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Francisco, San Juan and Los Angeles. 

Mr. Cooper adds, “The demand for a secure and cost-efficient solution is continuously high. In addition to opening the new station in Atlanta, yesterday we celebrated building our 1,000th RAP e2. We have conducted more than 22,000 real life pharmaceutical shipments with our RAP e2. It is a truly proven and robust solution for any shipment that requires temperature control.”

Recognizing the need for secure temperature controlled solutions, Envirotainer has been expanding its sales offering in the US over the past decade, investing in both service capabilities and an agile network model. This is part of Envirotainer’s strategy to enhance its e-technology capabilities in the US to meet the increasing demand for secure temperature controlled solutions. 

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