Damage Waiver

Protect yourself from unexpected expenses. For customers that have a lease contract with Envirotainer, the cost of repairing damaged containers can be covered by a Damage Waiver fee.

For a fee per container unit, the lessee's liability is limited and any damage that may be inflicted upon the container throughout the duration of the lease will be paid by Envirotainer.

The Damage Waiver must be booked in advance or contracted in a Master Lease Agreement.

The Damage Waiver covers the following elements:

Covered by Damage Waiver?YesNo
Damages to Containers outside Normal Wear and Tear up to Structural Damage. X  
Deductible in case of damage outside Normal Wear and Tear.  


Container Loss.   X
Damage to goods shipped inside the container.   X
Damage to other equipment or property.   X
Any consequential loss or lost profit.   X
Repair cost on container from damage outside Normal Wear and Tear which is caused by negligence or misconduct (e.g. if the container is damaged purposely by lessee).   X



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