Temperature-sensitive healthcare transports

The healthcare cold-chain market is growing by 10% per year, and being able to offer specifically tailored services can secure profitable and sustainable business. Healthcare companies put extremely high demands on forwarders to properly handle their products.

Succeeding necessitates a strong partner with in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry, and whose expertise is trusted. With an active temperature control solution, cargo is kept at optimum temperature with the help of compressor technology. To help you further in meeting your customers’ standards, we have developed a training and quality program for your staff.

Zero investment

Offer your healthcare customers the latest technology without the need for large investments. Envirotainer containers are available on a rent-it-when-you-need-it basis. Besides being cost effective and flexible, this solution means you no longer have to worry about storage and maintenance of packaging and transport solutions. The container is delivered checked, cleaned and ready for service.

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