Envirotainer – the Active Cold Chain

Bring your healthcare products to customers and patients with minimum risk. The active cold chain secures the safety and integrity of your healthcare products under transport.

Compared to a passive transport solution, there are a number of advantages with active temperature-controlled containers from Envirotainer. Our active solutions significantly reduce the risk of transporting high-value, temperature-sensitive healthcare products over long distances. Even when delays and temperature variations put pressure on your cold chain.

Maximum usable space

Envirotainer containers also give you at least double the usable space. This allows you to fill the container to the brim with products instead of packaging and insulation material. You also reduce waste and minimize your carbon footprint.

A large network of forwarders and airlines

As a link in the active cold chain you get access to a large network of business partners. Together with most of the world’s largest forwarders and airlines, Envirotainer has carried out hundreds of thousands of cold-chain transports. Safely and securely to all parts of the world.

Sharing our knowledge

Maintaining a cold chain is as much about people as about technology. We share our knowledge and provide valuable additional services, including laboratory testing; validation; data collection and reporting services; qualification support; and the Qualified Envirotainer Program (QEP) for training and accreditation of our partners.

Read more about the active cold chain benefits

Why should you consider shipping healthcare products with active temperature control? Besides being the safest way to ship healthcare products, the active cold chain means different things depending on who you are. Read more about it from your industry’s perspective:

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