Shipping summary reports

Envirotainer has a unique position earned from our long history of working with many partners in the field of air cargo temperature management.

Our experience has lead to the development of this service, delivered through our Cold Chain Services department, which is designed to provide cold chain visibility for improved cold chain.

The purpose of the service is to provide visibility of temperature in different activities throughout the cold chain. Using data captured by temperature monitors during the shipment, the Envirotainer Cold Chain Services department prepares Shipping Summary Reports.

Each Shipping Summary Report contains analysis of a performed shipment and also includes recommendations on how to improve the cold chain. Both product and ambient temperatures are evaluated.

  • A graph is provided with the recorded product and ambient temperature readings throughout the entire cold chain.
  • Key activities such as trucking, flight and storage are visualized in the graph based on Air Way Bill number and checklists.
  • The report highlights any ambient temperatures above or below the container specification.
  • In case of any product temperature excursion, a root cause analysis is performed to establish possible and probable causes of the excursion. Corrective actions are also suggested.

Shipment summary report

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