Shipment set up services

Dry ice calculation

The amount of dry ice needed for a shipment is calculated on the basis of the desired temperature of the cargo (= set temperature) in relation to expected ambient temperatures, time of shipment and conditions throughout the transportation. Correct dry ice amount and type will enable optimum performance of the container. 

The Envirotainer Dry Ice Calculation Tool is an e-service that means that the user will be able to perform dry ice calculations in an easy and time efficient way. After completing the form with basic shipment information, one click later the dry ice amount is obtained online.

The Envirotainer Online Dry Ice Calculation Tool allows you to:

  • Calculate dry ice amounts for a shipment in a quick & smart way
  • Make dry ice calculations any time of the day
  • Create trade lane or customer specific templates
  • View calculation history
  • Generate PDF documents of the dry ice advice
  • Extract excel data about your calculations
  • Access a FAQ document

If you wish to have access to the tool or would like to get more information, please contact us at the email addresses shown below or get in contact with your sales representative.

It is also possible to get at dry ice calculation by filling out the Transportation Schedule below and send it via email to Envirotainer. The document contains instructions on how to fill out the schedule. Please note that a properly filled out Transportation Schedule is required in order for us to provide you with accurate recommendations for your shipment. Your dry ice request will be processed within 24 hours.

Should you require further instructions, please contact your local sales representative.

Phone +49 (0)69 69 76 79 0

Phone +61 2 9669 2245

Rest of the world
Phone +1 972 831 3800


Download transportation schedule

When defining the transportation schedule, please record the duration, in hours, from the time dry ice is loaded into the container until the product is unloaded at destination.


Load optimization for cost efficiency

In order to make your shipment cost efficient, Envirotainer offers the ability to help you calculate the number of boxes of your specific load will fit into the different containers. By calculating the number and orientation of your cargo inside our containers, Envirotainer helps you utilize the maximum space available to increase cost efficiency.

For load optimization requests please contact one of Customer Service locations.

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